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About VitaBooking

VitaBooking is an online platform that allows you to search, find and schedule first class medical treatment in the best hospitals of Greece at significantly reduced rates. Medical expenses can be overwhelming. In many cases, hospital and medication costs can be compared to an annual salary or more, especially if we consider a complex or severe condition. So, scheduled treatment always warrants considering our options. But finding answers to questions such as the following can be a cumbersome task too:

  • Which medical institution fits my needs best? What is it like?
  • Who will be the doctor that will take over my treatment?
  • What does the treatment entail?
  • How much will the whole process cost?

VitaBooking makes sure you get answers to these questions from the comfort of your home, using any device you like. When you find the most suitable program for you, you can express your interest to us asking any question that hasn’t already been answered in the program page.
Our staff will get back to you within 24 hours with a complete response to your enquiry including specific hospital information. And when you are ready to proceed, you can complete your booking right within our online platform. The VitaBooking engine will make sure you make all necessary arrangements so that you can schedule your planned treatment at your convenience.