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Why VitaBooking

You get to be treated by top class professionals in excellent, certified medical institutions
VitaBooking has a selection of premium hospitals with leading doctors ready to take excellent care of you.
You know the exact details of your treatment
Before you even start booking, you know exactly what to expect. By the time you have scheduled your program you are already looking at your detailed plan.
You can make extra arrangements
You shouldn’t worry about getting around – with services such as transportation, translation/interpretation and accommodation you are at peace beforehand.
You know and clearly understand what your costs are early on
Before you finalize your booking you will receive a document containing a complete breakdown of costs and explanation.
You can schedule your treatment at dates that are of most convenience to you
With VitaBooking there are no waiting lists. Working with the doctors, you just select the most convenient period for you and schedule your treatment.
You experience vast savings, up to 60%
As an example, IVF in Greece might cost anything circa $8-$10k whereas in USA the same number might go over $20k.VitaBooking has signed cooperation contracts with selected premium hospitals so that booked treatments are provided at the special, listed prices exclusively for our customers.
You can even plan your vacation
When you realize just how much you saved, you might want to consider taking advantage of combined holiday offers, especially designed for our customers.

VitaBooking is a member of HTG, a fresh dynamic group of companies whose mission is to transform the visit to Greece into a unique experience characterized by physical and mental wellness.