How it Works

You are interested in some treatment program

  1. Search - Use our website search engine options to locate a condition, diagnosis or treatment.
  2. See more information - Browse the hospitals that offer it and get an overview of premises, procedures, staff and cost.

You are ready to proceed with booking a treatment

  1. Login or register -Our services are exclusive, and we need to be able to identify you. You will need to create an account that will give you the ability to track treatment schedules, costs, and other transactional information. If you already have an account login to VB by using the right-hand menu.
  2. Provide more information -We will need to know a little bit more about your case in order to be certain that we can assist you in the best possible way. It is necessary to know if the treatment is for you or a member of your family and approximately when you are available to make your visit.
  3. Response & info exchange -Our team of experts will get back to you within 48 hours in order to confirm your interest, schedule availability and gather any other information needed for this program. Please note that hospitals more often than not will require some sort of evidence like exam results or preliminary diagnosis e.g. from your own doctor. You can use VitaBooking to communicate and securely exchange this information until a crystal clear picture is available to the doctors that will be treating you.
    Your information is safe with us
  4. Treatment Booking - When you are ready to proceed, you just submit your request to complete the booking and receive a journey folder with your detailed plan of visit, regarding dates, times, activities and costs.

You wish to include other services

  1. Select extra services - After your treatment program details have been finalized, you can select further services, such as transportation to and from the hospital and other places, as needed, translation of documents, on-the-spot interpretation services and more.
  2. Select holiday offers - Most programs can be conveniently and cost-effectively combined with special holiday offers. Just like with extra services, you can select to include such bookings after you have finalized your main program details.

You have more questions about procedures or "how are things done"

Click here to visit our FAQ page or contact us